Sahva's employees used to fill out timesheets by hand. The processing and entry of hours into the payroll system were also done manually. It was an inefficient, cumbersome and error-prone process.


Cepheo Staff Planning. 


The administration of employee working hours and absence has been digitized and optimized. This provides Sahva with a real-time overview of employee records. Payroll processing has also been automated, creating time for other value-added tasks.

Sahva has a mission to help people with reduced functional ability to achieve a life in mobility. Each year, the healthcare company serves over 50,000 customers, making it Denmark's largest provider of body-worn aids such as high-tech leg and arm prosthetics, braces, corsets and orthopedic footwear.


However, there was a challenge: the administration of employee working hours, absence and leave was lagging behind. The work processes were simply too inefficient and cumbersome for the more than 150-year-old company.


"All employees had to fill out timesheets by hand. These were the sent for to their supervisor for approval. In addition, many employees didn't fill out the timesheets regularly and forgot to document their vacation and absence. And since the timesheets covered a whole month, supervisors didn't always have a sense of the accuracy of the time registration," says Jeanette Hansen, Payroll and HR Consultant at Sahva.


The outdated and manual work processes took a toll on all parties involved in the process, according to the Payroll and HR Consultant.


"It was slow and time-consuming. Both for supervisors and for me in the payroll department, as we processed and manually entered all timesheets into the payroll system."

”Cepheo Staff Planning simplifies the process of generating accurate wages for our employees, allowing us to redirect our time towards more important tasks.”

Jeanette Hansen
Payroll and HR Consultant, Sahva      



Cepheo Staff Planning optimizes administration at Sahva


The modern and cloud-based solution, Cepheo Staff Planning, proved to be the solution to the challenge, streamlining the management of employee work hours and leave.


It was a logical choice for several reasons. Primarily, Staff Planning was already in use in parts of the company, providing a familiarity with the solution and its features, making it easier to implement across Sahva's clinics and other departments.


The solution has already had a noticeable impact on job satisfaction, efficiency and productivity in administration.


"We save a lot of time now, and the same goes for employees and managers," says Jeanette Hansen, elaborating:


"Staff Planning gives us a better overview of employees' work hours, vacation or illness. We receive all this information in real-time, ensuring that employees register their work hours, overtime, compensatory time off, sickness and vacation correctly. This, in turn, improves our planning."


The solution also enhances workflows, reduces administrative tasks, and decreases the number of inquiries to the payroll department and managers."


More time for value-creating tasks


Staff Planning not only provides a comprehensive overview of employee work hours and leave at the healthcare company.


It can also handle all types of employees, whether they are covered by different agreements, work in HR, on reception, or as orthopedic technicians. It is possible to customize the rules for each employee type and department to fit the company's specific needs, providing easy and consistent reporting to the payroll office. Leave-related payroll processing has also been automated.


"Staff Planning makes it easier for us to pay the correct salary to employees, allowing us to use our time for more relevant tasks," says the payroll and HR consultant.

Jeanette Hansen elaborates:


"Employees have more time for their tasks when they don't have to fiddle with Excel spreadsheets. We have some craftsmen who would rather spend their time in the workshop than in front of a computer. Managers can use the saved time for employee development and well-being. In the payroll office, we have more time to double-check our work and stay updated on new legislation," she says.


Sahva and Cepheo have had a successful collaboration over the past 10 years. It is built on a shared vision of how IT contributes to helping the healthcare company reduce unnecessary time spent on leave registration. This allows them to use their time to improve the quality of life for people with reduced functional capacity.


"We have a good collaboration with Cepheo. They solve tasks and challenges quickly."

The future looks bright for Sahva. With Cepheo Staff Planning, the company has taken their administration of employee work hours and leave to new heights.

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