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A trusted business partner

When daily operations are complex you need to work with an IT partner that understands your business processes, from first customer contact, through production and delivery, to ongoing customer service.    


Our industry experience and dedicated solutions help us work together to address the unique challenges you face every day around, for example, quality management, vendor management, traceability and product documentation, so you can act with responsiveness and flexibility to meet the demands of customers and authorities and enable uninterrupted production.  

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Get real business value from Industry 4.0 in the food and beverage industry

Industry 4.0 has been a hot topic for years now, so why are so few process manufacturing companies taking advantage of the new technologies 


Read how the new technologies can deliver value for your business in the food and beverage industry, and how you can get started.  

What you can expect from us 

At Cepheo we combine business and industry understanding with end-to-end capabilities across Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure and the broad Microsoft ecosystem.  


We work with you to assemble standardized solutions that automate best-practice processes and address daily operational challenges. 


Our tried-and-tested approach can reduce implementation costs and lay a strong foundation for a valuable, long-term partnership. 


IT solutions to drive your business forward

  • Growing customer expectations, fierce global competition and stricter regulations are putting your revenue under pressure. Our solution for process-oriented manufacturers simplifies processes and optimizes business operations. 


    • Run more effective processes, built on best practices from the process industry  
    • Get deeper business insight, integrated with your business-critical applications  
    • Combine traceability, quality, security and documentation, to meet the demands of customers and authorities 
    • Make better operational decisions, based on insight into product properties  
    • Enable responsiveness and flexibility for uninterrupted production and revenue flow


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  • Without sufficient overview and control, you run the risk of fulfilling customer orders with items that are unsuitable. For example, individual items could be produced as part of another customer’s private-label agreement. Or the items could require export or distribution approval based on the customer’s country or region. You may also have your own preferences around which of your locations you deliver the items from, and at which price. Cepheo Advanced Customer Approval lets you fulfil customer orders with confidence, based on comprehensive information. 


    • Optimize processes for sales orders, sales quotations and sales agreements 
    • Base item selection on comprehensive product- and customer-specific information 
    • Comply with corporate and customer requirements, agreements and policies 
    • Fully document your sales and fulfilment conditions with your customers 
    • Integrate complex pricing logic into the sales process


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  • With tight margins, short deadlines and high expectations around quality and compliance, selecting the most suitable and reliable vendors for critical product orders can be a challenge. Cepheo Advanced Vendor Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables advanced vendor approval and audit capabilities that help ensure that the products you purchase from your approved vendors are produced, released, handled and documented in accordance with your expectations and company policies. 


    • Base vendor selection on comprehensive vendor- and customer-specific information 
    • Fully document your purchasing conditions with vendors 
    • Automate and simplify your purchasing process 
    • Comply with corporate, customer and vendor requirements, agreements and policies 
    • Document vendor and manufacturer audit results 


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  • Working successfully with high volumes and continuous production flows takes precise and dynamic control of your planning, production, quality and release processes. Cepheo Extended Production Handling works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 to offer extended control of campaign and mix pool production capabilities including consolidated batch order handling, enhanced quality and release procedures and automatic "reporting as finished" across multiple production levels. The solution builds flexibility and control into your production processes from mix production to the final release of your finished goods.  


    • Enable efficient planning, production, quality assurance and release processes for high-volume, continuous production flows 
    • Run continuous manufacturing in batch sizes that match your production equipment 
    • Control the release of license plates that include goods from multiple mixes, batches and campaigns 
    • Automatically report bulk productions as finished when related finished or packed goods are reported as finished 


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  • For companies that work with batch-controlled production processes, decisions regarding purchasing, sales and consumption of individual batches often need to be made based on detailed information about the batches in question. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, batch information is distributed across the solution, making it difficult and time-consuming to get an overview of this information. With Cepheo Information Display for Batch Products, you can view standard batch values and batch attribute values from multiple batches in a single overview, saving time and resources, and enabling more informed business decision-making. 


    • Simplify purchasing, sales and consumption processes for batch-goods 
    • See information from multiple batches in a single, consolidated view 
    • Enable faster processes and better decision making 
    • Minimize waste by selling and consuming goods that are close to expiry date 
    • Meet customer expectations around product attributes in the goods they purchase from you


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  • Designing and printing labels is a critical business function. Without access to your crucial batch data, this can be a time consuming, error-prone, and manual process. In addition, when designing labels with an external label tool you often need to make modifications to the code after you copy it to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application. Cepheo Label Extension for Warehouse Management dramatically simplifies this process by providing seamless access to batch master data in your ERP installation, so you can make label designs to meet your exact business needs and create multiple, different labels from a single label design. 


    • Save time and resources with optimized label design 
    • Reduce the number of label layouts you need to make 
    • Ensure data accuracy by referencing batch data from your ERP installation 
    • Use without technical expertise 
    • Fast verification of label layouts with instant label views and previews 


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  • Cepheo Product Data Management Extension introduces a range of enhanced capabilities across product lifecycle management, BOM and formula management and customer fulfilment processes to enable daily process efficiencies that give you the competitive edge you need to serve customers better and safeguard profitability. 


    • Ensure that products can only be purchased, handled and sold based on pre-defined lifecycle rules 
    • Support common lifecycle states as well as your unique lifecycle needs 
    • Use the capabilities for management of both BOMs and formulas 
    • Save time and reduce errors when maintaining BOMs and formulas 
    • Simplify visualization and comparison of complex BOM and formula structures 


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  • It is time-consuming to create and maintain the documents you need to support your products and processes and meet the requirements of customers, vendors and regulatory authorities. It is also difficult to give your employees a comprehensive overview of the documents, files and notes that you have in your system. Cepheo Product Documentation Management addresses both of these issues. You can create and print standardized product and batch documents from within Microsoft Dynamics 365, and give your users an overview of the documentation that has been created, or attached, in the system for a particular record from across your data structure. 


    • Save time and resources on document creation and maintenance 
    • Create professional, structured documentation from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 
    • Meet the specific documentation requirements of customers, vendors and regulatory authorities 
    • Support international business with documentation in supported system languages 
    • Define flexible document access options to support daily processes

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  • In a continuous production environment, the fast and accurate release of high-quality finished materials is a critical process. Cepheo Quality and Sample Management extends standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities with advanced logic that controls the creation, registration, testing and handling of samples from batches and license plates, and the automatic release or blocking of products based on test results taken during the production process. 


    • Enable a continuous high volume production flow 
    • Efficient processes for quality sample creation and labelling 
    • Easy sample registration and automatic creation of Quality Orders 
    • Enable faster, more flexible quality processes with handheld devices 
    • Automatically control the release of batches and license plates in continuous production environments


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  • Packaging materials often have an intrinsic value for your business or for your business partners. As such, it is important to be able to register and track the quantity, value and location of these materials within your own company and across your value chain of customers, vendors, carriers and packaging pool owners. This often time-consuming and error prone manual process can reduce the efficiency of your warehouse and logistics operations and affect your professional relations with your business partners. 


    • Register and track the quantity, value and location of packaging materials 
    • Have visibility across your customers, vendors and carriers 
    • Easy handling of processes and agreements with packaging pool providers 
    • Fast and reliable registration of packaging shipments with mobile, hand-held devices 


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  • To meet today’s growing demands for traceability and sustainability, you must continuously monitor and document the quality of the goods your vendors supply. But quality control and quality assurance processes are costly and time consuming. So being able to focus quality activities on specific vendors and products - based on vendor approval processes and audit results - will help you make best use of your resources and budget. 


    • Reduce the budget and resources you use on quality related activities 
    • Mitigate risks by combining quality practices with vendor approval and audit frameworks 
    • Meet customer demand for quality, traceability and transparency 
    • Build long-term, productive partner relationships 
    • Make more accurate forecasts of your quality resource needs and costs 
    • Enable simpler, more flexible quality processes for warehouse staff 


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