Growth and success imposed new demands on the marketing department.


Implementation of Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Reduced time spent on manual tasks due to process automation, enhanced customer insights and improved compliance with GDPR regulations.

Element Logic has been optimizing companies' warehouse operations since 1985 and has extensive experience in designing and installing tailored solutions that streamline their customers' workflows. Their robot solutions, material handling systems, software and consulting services help customers enhance their value chain, become more profitable and meet end-customer expectations for fast deliveries. As the world's first and largest AutoStore® partner with a revenue exceeding EUR 200 million in 2021, the company is headquartered in Norway and operates globally.

However, success and growth bring new demands to the organization and the tools it utilizes. In Element Logic's marketing department, it became apparent that they needed a tool better suited to support the needs that had arisen with their growth. The choice was Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, and this choice was far from arbitrary, as Anne Marie Tangenes, a Marketing Specialist at Element Logic, explains:

“Our sales department has been using Dynamics 365 Sales for several years, but we lacked a suitable marketing tool that could seamlessly integrate with the sales module. We see significant potential in implementing Dynamics 365 Marketing to support the activities we perform in the company. The ability to consolidate around one system instead of using multiple systems will be highly valuable for us, both in terms of using fewer systems and in terms of resource allocation. After assessing the options, we concluded that Dynamics 365 Marketing was a great choice for us.”

"Dynamics 365 Marketing will seamlessly enhance the collaboration between sales and marketing, aollowing ud to track the activities we engage in."

Anne Marie Tangenes
Marketing Specialist, Element Logic

Early results inspire confidence in the future


At Element Logic, Dynamics 365 Sales was the primary tool in use until now. However, in collaboration with Cepheo, they decided to implement a range of Dynamics 365 solutions, including Finance, Supply Chain Management and Customer Engagement, all of which went live on February 1, 2022.

As early as October 2021, Anne Marie Tangenes and Element Logic's marketing department began using the initial features of Dynamics 365 Marketing, including implementing whitepaper campaigns. In December 2021, they utilized the system for email campaigns. The streamlined processes enabled by Dynamics 365 Marketing have already opened up significant opportunities for Anne Marie Tangenes to enhance the company's marketing activities.

"We're still in the early stages of implementation, but we can already see that Dynamics 365 Marketing will enhance collaboration between sales and marketing. It allows us to track our activities and follow the customer journey from start to finish, providing us with valuable insight into the effectiveness of our initiatives."

In a fast-paced environment like Element Logic, where access to data is crucial for understanding their target audience, Dynamics 365 Marketing is an indispensable tool:

"Having control over our data and activities, along with a system that supports regulatory requirements such as GDPR, is a competitive advantage. We believe that Dynamics 365 Marketing can complement and support the sales funnel while ensuring it is all done correctly. It's also crucial for us to have centralized data, a goal we're working towards through the ERP project, of which Dynamics 365 Marketing is a part," says Anne Marie Tangenes.

The features of Dynamics 365 Marketing automate a wide range of activities that were previously manual, often managed using Excel spreadsheets. According to Anne Marie Tangenes, it's satisfying to see how many processes can be made more efficient and automated:

"I know some people are concerned that automated marketing might depersonalize interactions and eliminate personal customer contact. I believe that automating tasks allows us to maintain strong customer relationships because it frees up resources for personal and human interaction.”


Cepheo was the obvious choice and met expectations


As part of the implementation of Dynamics 365 solutions at Element Logic, having Cepheo as the comprehensive partner across these solutions has been invaluable. This approach ensures that not only are they leveraging the Dynamics ecosystem, but they also have the same implementation partner throughout the entire project:

"Cepheo appeared to be a very reasonable choice for us, as the implementation of Dynamics 365 Marketing is just one piece of a larger puzzle of systems being deployed within our organization. So having Cepheo as the total provider for the entire project made sense, ensuring that communication across the project functions optimally," says Anne Marie Tangenes.

Implementing new systems can yield substantial benefits but also require effort from both the customer and the partner. On this point, Anne Marie Tangenes and the entire Element Logic team have been highly satisfied:

"Our collaboration with Cepheo has been excellent. We've invested a significant amount of time and resources into the project, and we've received close support during critical periods, with nearly daily communication, offering sound solutions and support," Anne Marie Tangenes shares. She concludes by expressing that their experiences with both Dynamics 365 Marketing and Cepheo have left them eager for more, and at Element Logic, they look forward to future projects with Cepheo.

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