Lack of internal access to specialist knowledge and expertise.


A partnership with Cepheo based on Dynamics 365 Business Central.


A trusting, stable, and efficient collaboration that also helps ensure smooth cooperation with other IT partners.

Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond is a self-governing institution founded in 1974 with the primary mission of disbursing funds that enable  children and families who are temporarily unable to support themselves to take holidays.


For over a decade, Cepheo has served as the fund's IT partner and, according to Nina Löwe Krarup, the Director of Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond, this long-standing and stable collaboration has delivered substantial value to the fund:


"With Cepheo's intimate knowledge of our organization, processes and culture, the process of finding solutions that meet our needs is almost the same as working with one of our own employees. An alignment like this can only be achieved through a long-term and stable partnership – like the one we have maintained with Cepheo and our contacts there," states Nina Löwe Krarup.


However, the advantage of having a Cepheo consultant rather than an internal employee is also undeniable:


"We are well aware that behind our Cepheo contact, there is a large team of other employees who give us with access to knowledge, expertise, and opportunities that we would never have had if we had to handle it on our own. We would never have the ability to develop such specific skills as those we gain from Cepheo," affirms the director.

”We would never have the ability to develop such specific skills as those we gain from Cepheo.”


Nina Löwe Krarup
Director, Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond

Continuous development and maintenance of the ERP solution


Over time, the solution has evolved from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, and Cepheo has played a crucial role in ensuring that this development has been more or less seamless.


"For example, our collaboration with Cepheo has ensured that the user interface in our solution has always been tailored and organized so that individual users have access to the data and knowledge they need while ensuring that, at the same time, there are safeguards in place. This means that, for example, a caseworker who only needs to work on customer-related matters does not have  access to the payroll module," says Nina Löwe Krarup.


The trusting and efficient collaboration between Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond and Cepheo is also evident when it comes to establishing or maintaining integrations between Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond's Business Central solution and other IT solutions used by the state:


"We can connect our Cepheo contact person directly with the relevant specialists in organizations that are offering other solutions deployed by the state, so they can engage in technical discussions directly and keep us informed. This gives us insight into these dialogues and allows us to document the overall solution," says Nina Löwe Krarup.


The efficient collaboration between Cepheo and other partners is also evident with Feriefond's hosting partner:


"It's very smooth, and Cepheo is skilled at respecting the boundaries that exist between the different partners and their individual areas of responsibility," says Nina Löwe Krarup.


Efficient organized collaboration


As a valued customer of Cepheo, Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond has a dedicated contact person with in-depth knowledge of their organization. This expert can assist with their various needs related to both system maintenance or development. According to Nina Löwe Krarup, this arrangement is an important part of their enduring partnership.


"The structure that Cepheo has put in place gives us direct access to a dedicated contact person who has both decision-making authority and technical expertise and is adept at hands-on problem-solving. This greatly streamlines our interactions. When addressing technical issues, I don’t need to navigate through multiple layers of project managers. I can simply reach out via email to our contact person, who typically resolves the matter with remarkable ease," Nina Löwe Krarup explains.


She goes on to provide more insight, underlining that this collaboration model builds confidence in their working relationship. The ability to overcome challenges in a frictionless way is a testament to the mutual trust that has been established, ensuring smooth and efficient alignment of expectations.


In addition, Nina Löwe Krarup expresses her deep satisfaction with Cepheo's thorough documentation of systems and contracts:


"As a state-established foundation, we are duty-bound to maintain comprehensive and meticulous system documentation and contracts. In this area, I can't find any fault with Cepheo's dedication," says Nina Löwe Krarup and concludes:


"Over the last decade, our partnership with Cepheo has been nothing short of exceptional. If they continue delivering at this consistently high level, I struggle to see any reason why this successful collaboration wouldn't extend well into the future."

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