Companies face numerous challenges every day to secure profitability and enhance competitiveness, but the management of employees' shifts and accurate recording of working hours, absences and vacations should not hinder these goals.


This was precisely the challenge for some of Denmark's largest and most well-known retailers. The supermarket chain MENY and the building supply store XL-BYG both experienced substantial growth, making it no longer feasible to continue using analog work methods for staffing.


"Our work schedules were created on paper. Employees manually recorded their arrival and departure times, which they submitted to the manager. Vacation and days off were planned on a wall calendar. It was difficult to get a comprehensive picture of who was at work and whether they had been working during the period they had documented," says Ann Lodal, HR and Administration Manager for MENY Måløv, XL-BYG Herlev & XL-BYG Måløv.


That's why MENY and XL-BYG chose to invest in Cepheo Staff Planning, which, among other features, simplifies shift planning, time tracking and automates payroll processing.


"We invested in Cepheo Staff Planning to gain control over work schedules, staffing and absences. And that's precisely what we've achieved. The system is user-friendly and provides a clear overview on a busy workday," says the HR and Administration Manager for MENY and XL-BYG.


She mentions that they purchased the system based on a recommendation from Dagrofa, the company behind MENY. Dagrofa is also the owner of Denmark's largest sales and logistics company.


Cepheo Staff Planning gives managers more time for essential tasks


MENY in Taastrup has also invested in Cepheo Staff Planning, which is a daily source of joy for the employees.


"We are pleased with Cepheo Staff Planning because it makes our daily routines easier," says the store manager at MENY Taastrup, Jens Madsen.


The store manager explains that the solution significantly simplifies the process of managing work schedules for the employees.


"Our younger employees use Cepheo Staff Planning extensively to swap shifts internally. In fact, they can manage who takes which shifts themselves, subject to the manager's approval, of course. The system's ability to handle minor overlaps in two employees' shifts is also a great help," says the store manager at MENY Taastrup.


The positive effects of employees being able to swap shifts with one another are also noticeable at MENY in Måløv.


"Our managers now have more time to focus on more critical tasks," says Ann Lodal, HR and Administration Manager for MENY Måløv, XL-BYG Herlev & XL-BYG Måløv.


Intuitive and easy for administrative staff to navigate in


As well as covering automatic time registration and self-service with shift swapping options, the solution is also fully updated with the latest agreements and other local arrangements. This saves both employees and management a significant amount of time, says HR and Administration Manager Ann Lodal.



"Cepheo Staff Planning ensures that individual employees don't need to delve into agreements and employment laws because the system handles most of that itself. Employees need to do very little beyond registration. The system takes care of the rest," she explains.


This sentiment is echoed by Gitte Johansen, Payroll and HR Manager at Denmark's Apotekerforening's conference and education center, Pharmakon A/S:


"Compared to other solutions, Cepheo Staff Planning is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. It facilitates collaboration between HR and Payroll," she adds.


Developed and refined in collaboration with businesses over the past 15 years, the solution is designed to simplify time-consuming tasks, allowing companies to focus on what matters most: their customers.


One of the most time-saving aspects of the solution is its automatic data transfer directly into the payroll system.


"Cepheo Staff Planning feeds our payroll system with employee data, making it easier to generate reports and statistics. This also saves a lot of time," says Ann Lodal from MENY and XL-BYG.


How was the collaboration with Cepheo?


Cepheo Staff Planning brings significant value to MENY, XL-BYG and Pharmakon, and the collaboration between these companies and Cepheo has been quite fruitful.


"The collaboration has been good. It's also reassuring that the support team consists of the same familiar faces," says Ann Lodal, HR and Administration Manager at MENY Måløv, XL-BYG Herlev & XL-BYG Måløv.


The store manager at MENY Taastrup also highlights and praises the support they've received.


"We appreciate the quick responses when we contact Cepheo's support. It makes us more confident in the system and in them as a supplier," says Jens Madsen, the store manager at MENY Taastrup.


The replacement of outdated manual processes with the modern cloud-based system Cepheo Staff Planning supports the ongoing growth of MENY, XL-BYG and Pharmakon, streamlining administration of employee work hours and providing these companies with more time for more valuable tasks.

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