An outdated, inflexible ERP system was hindering the company’s growth and innovation.


Implementation of a modern, scalable cloud solution that can support the company’s current and future business needs and processes.


An optimized, innovative business that can make smarter decisions and enhance efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Eva Solo is a Danish design company that manufactures high-quality home accessories and kitchenware that combine functionality with elegance. Since its inception in 1913, it has catered to more than 60 markets. However, Eva Solo had an aging ERP system that was based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


The system was no longer updated and could not be integrated with modern systems or platforms. This technological stagnation ushered in a plethora of manual processes and redundant data entries. This led to extensive manual processes and data duplication, hampering the company's ability to adapt to future needs and limiting its growth potential.


Customized, yet cumbersome


The old Dynamics NAV solution was intricately tailored to Eva Solo's operations, yet it bore significant disadvantages. With over 15 years under its belt, it lacked the latest features and technologies from Microsoft, rendering it outdated.


Furthermore, integrating with other systems or data sources for a comprehensive business overview required substantial effort. The extensive customizations meant maintenance or updates to meet new needs were arduous, often necessitating manual labor and input.


Scalable and future-proof


Eva Solo opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as its new ERP solution. This cloud-based system grants access to the latest functionalities, security protocols, and updates. It's also flexible and scalable, aligning with the company's needs and growth.


Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the successor to Dynamics NAV, was considered, Eva Solo, in collaboration with Cepheo, found Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to be a better fit for its current and future requirements.


"Choosing Business Central would have meant adding numerous applications and extensions, contrary to our preference for standardization and independence. Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management inherently meets our needs, significantly reducing the necessity for customizations," states Sten Clemen Andersen, CFO at Eva Solo.


In Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, he sees a solution that significantly empowers Eva Solo to support both its distributor network and direct B2B sales:


"We've established a robust IT foundation for our entire supply chain, consolidating our business onto a unified, future-proof platform. This ensures our ability as a wholesaler to better support our retailers with the necessary documentation, data, and processes."


Katrine Randrup Torp, Supply Chain Manager at Eva Solo, responsible for warehousing, customer service, compliance, and procurement, adds:


"We needed a solution that's effective whether we're selling 10 individual plates to a private customer or 10 pallets of plates to a retailer, and that's exactly what we've achieved."

”Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management is so comprehensive on its own that the need for customizations has been minimal.”


Sten Clemen Andersen
CFO, Eva Solo

Understanding the business


To ensure a successful implementation, Eva Solo selected Cepheo as its implementation partner from several candidates, focusing on a deep understanding of Eva Solo's business:


"Cepheo's consultants demonstrated a concrete and straightforward understanding of us, rather than being generic or abstract. With many stakeholders in production, logistics, and especially on the dealer side, wholesale businesses like ours have a certain complexity. It required an understanding of our industry for a successful implementation, and Cepheo showed the greatest industry and business insight, which was decisive," explains Sten Clemen Andersen.


Equipped for the future


Where Eva Solo had maximized what was possible within the aging Dynamics NAV solution, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management opens up a host of new opportunities.


"Initially, the priority has been to ensure we can do the same in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as we did in Dynamics NAV. But what's exciting is all the doors that have been opened that weren't possible before," says Sten Clemen Andersen, elaborating:


"We're not ready for it yet, but the Microsoft Power Platform is a key reason we chose to stay on a Microsoft platform. I look forward to leveraging the opportunities and reaping the benefits the Power Platform can offer us in terms of increased insights and a higher degree of automation."


Sten Clemen Andersen is not alone in his excitement about the future possibilities with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management:


"We're only using a fraction of what we can with the new solution," says Katrine Randrup Torp.


Sten Clemen Andersen adds:


"While we can solve much more within the solution and within Microsoft's ecosystem, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management is much better equipped for integration with new systems from our customers or suppliers. Had we delayed replacing the Dynamics NAV solution, it would have required heavy coding and many hours to integrate with modern systems."


As CFO and Supply Chain Manager, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management covers each of Sten Clemen Andersen's and Katrine Randrup Torp's areas of responsibility, and both agree that in the short term, it is her areas that will reap the greatest benefits.


"The solution has been live for nearly 1.5 months, and already I feel that we are able to get a better overview, which strengthens our ability for master planning and increases delivery reliability. We will be able to forecast much better, which will lead to lower inventory value and help reduce costs. This is due, for example, to a better overview of where the product is in the process, whether in production, in transit, in stock, or on its way to the customer or store," Katrine Randrup Torp shares.


Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management also prepares for increasing expectations and demands from both authorities and consumers regarding climate impact. Katrine Randrup Torp explains that the Supply Chain Management module works much better with their external system for recording packaging and raw material consumption as well as transport. Thus, they can better calculate their climate impact and identify the products and processes with the greatest impact.

”The solution has been live for nearly 1.5 months, and already I feel we are able to gain a better overview, enhancing our master planning capabilities and increasing delivery reliability.”

Katrine Randrup Torp
Supply Chain Manager, Eva Solo

Strong expertise creates respect


Sten Clemen Andersen expresses satisfaction with Cepheo, who implemented the new solution, highlighting the consultants' deep engagement and attentiveness in understanding their company's processes. He notes they've been excellent sparring partners, offering valuable tips and recommendations for setup based on their knowledge from other projects and past professional experience.


Katrine Randrup Torp adds:


"We've maintained a good balance, being involved in processes to understand the system's logic while confidently letting consultants find the right solutions, trusting that tasks are in good hands."


She also mentions Cepheo's solution-oriented approach during challenges:


"Implementing such a large system, we've encountered challenges. A new ERP system can't cover all our processes and requirements from day one, but we've had ongoing, effective collaboration with Cepheo's consultants to find and implement solutions that addressed these challenges."


Anchoring and Development


Initially, the focus is on embedding the solution across the organization, aligning work processes with the capabilities offered by Dynamics' solutions. Then, Sten Clemen Andersen envisions leveraging the Power Platform to enhance business understanding through more accessible insights and automating routine tasks, freeing up more time and resources for business development.


All this, he emphasizes, must be supported by a focus on developing the company culture to significantly enhance understanding of technology's potential.


"We need to ensure our employees have the right mindset towards technology to fully exploit the technological opportunities available now and in the coming years," Sten Clemen Andersen shares.


As responsible for the company's supply chain, Katrine Randrup Torp sees great potential in focusing on Eva Solo's procurement function. She mentions areas like forecast tracking, inventory optimization, assortment adjustment, and pricing based on BI reports as prime targets for the next phase.

She agrees with Sten Clemen Andersen's emphasis on culture.


"We need to focus as much on human processes as on technical ones. As systems and opportunities evolve, we can't work as we've always done. Things must progress together," says Eva Solo's Supply Chain Manager.


In conclusion, Sten Clemen Andersen expresses overall satisfaction with both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management and the collaboration with Cepheo, which has successfully implemented the solution at the company:


"We're pleased with our new ERP solution, and Cepheo has been a great implementation partner. It provides us with a modern and future-proof platform that can help us optimize our business and create value for our customers."

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