An outdated IT system.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Central for retail, and Cepheo Managed Services.


The new, future-proofed IT platform enables complete control over real-time workflows, freeing up more time to make both customers and employees happier.

When customers step into an ABC Lavpris store, they're on a mission: to purchase goods at the market's lowest prices. That's been the goal ever since two cousins joined forces in 1981 to open a minimarket in Denmark. Fast forward 40 years, and ABC Lavpris has expanded to 15 stores in Jutland & Funen, boasting over 800 employees and an annual turnover of more than 1.5 billion Danish kroner.


The success has largely been built on prioritizing a positive customer experience with high service levels and competitively low prices. Instead of resting on their laurels, ABC Lavpris aims for even greater success by investing in new technology.


"We chose the new platform to future-proof our operations. Our previous IT system was outdated. While it served its purpose, it wasn't optimal for our business, since it was too slow. In addition, it could only run on Windows 7, compromising security, as Microsoft no longer provides updates," says ABC Lavpris's IT Manager, Michael Christensen.

”We now have a platform that will stand the test of time.”
Michael Christensen

IT Manager, ABC Lavpris

The platform for the ambitous retailer


The new, modern, cloud-based platform for the retail chain consists of the all-in-one solution LS Central for Retail, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


It's a smart choice for the ambitious retailer because the integration of these solutions allows ABC Lavpris to scale up and down as needed. It also provides complete control and real-time insight into all business processes, from marketing, e-commerce, POS, inventory management, CRM, and accounting to reporting.


"Previously, we used two different systems to handle administration and store operations. This required transferring a lot of files between the systems to make them work. It wasn't sustainable. Now, we have an ERP system that allows us to manage both aspects in one system. It's a significant help for us," says ABC Lavpris's IT Manager.


Overall, a typical work day becomes simpler, more efficient and more straightforward for employees, whether they are working in the warehouse, in the stores or at headquarters.

Having everything in one system also provides a better overview of the entire company data.


"Moving forward, we can maintain all data in a master data ledger. It definitely simplifies our daily routines, benefiting both our employees and customers," says IT Manager Michael Christensen."


ABC Lavpris & Cepheo extend their successful collaboration


The retail chain has chosen to purchase and implement the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the software solution LS Central for Retail through Cepheo, which has years of experience delivering IT solutions to retailers in the Nordic region.


Cepheo provides technological insight combined with a deep understanding of the retail industry, something ABC Lavpris has benefited from for many years.


"Cepheo has been our IT provider for many years. We are very satisfied with the collaboration because they understand our company, our needs and our IT requirements," says Michael Christensen.


The IT manager emphasizes that ABC Lavpris has made the right decision to implement Business Central and LS Central for Retail with the assistance of Cepheo:


"We now have a platform that will stand the test of time.”


Cloud-based solutions give more time for core tasks


LS Central for Retail and Business Central are both cloud-based solutions, offering entirely new advantages and opportunities for ABC Lavpris.


"It gives us confidence, because we have access to our data 24/7, no matter where we are," says the IT manager about one of the greatest joys of transitioning from on-premise to the cloud.


A cloud solution also helps ensure that the retail chain is always working with the latest version, boosting efficiency and security. It also allows ABC Lavpris to outsource IT operations.


"With our previous system, we depended on having a server in each store, as well as five servers at the head office. With LS Central for Retail, we use the cloud version. This enables us to outsource our servers and entrust the responsibility for operations, backup, etc. to Cepheo," says IT manager Michael Christensen, referring to a Cepheo Managed Services agreement.


A Managed Services agreement makes a lot of sense for an ambitious and hardworking retailer like ABC Lavpris. It means they no longer need to invest time in managing their IT systems, including updates, security and integrations, since Cepheo now takes care of this.


Instead, the retail chain can focus on the most important thing: making customers and employees happier every day.

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