BM Byggeindustri's ERP system was outdated and unable to support the company's digital ambitions. It was 15 years old and increasingly incompatible with the Microsoft applications the company wanted to use.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with Cepheo's industry solution for the manufacturing and construction industries (FMCI) with Power BI, time tracking applications and with all data collated in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


The new solution continues the support the capabilities and processes that BM Byggeindustri still needs, while creating new opportunities for digitalization of production and project management.

In an industry where time is of the essence and precision is key to success, BM Byggeindustri faced a challenge that could prove to be a handicap: an outdated ERP system.


Wanting to stay at the forefront of digital development, BM Byggeindustri made a strategic choice that would shape its future.


"Our ERP system was 15 years old and had simply reached the end of its lifespan. It couldn't be further developed and it wasn't compatible with new Microsoft programs that are widely used in the construction industry. We couldn't renovate or repair anymore. We needed something new," explains Charlotte Bak, Finance Manager at BM Byggeindustri.


BM Byggeindustri, an innovative housing manufacturer that uses modular construction with timber-based modules, needed a solution that would not only continue to support existing capabilities and processes, but also open the door to new digitalization opportunities. After a thorough evaluation and a close dialog with Cepheo, the choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Charlotte Bak explains why:


"We chose Dynamics 365 Business Central to get a cloud-based solution that is also part of the Microsoft ecosystem and therefore integrates easily with other Microsoft programs. The combination of Business Central and the FMCI industry solution allows us to better digitalize and streamline our production and project management."


New features and new possibilities 


The transition to modern technology opened doors to features and capabilities that were previously inaccessible. BM Byggeindustri can now see more of the financial details of their projects and their project managers have faster and easier access to up-to-date data, leading to more efficient processes and better decision-making.


"We no longer have to deal with manual exports of data that create multiple copies and contribute to confusion about what the real numbers are. We now have one easily accessible and up-to-date source, so we all have a common reference point," explains the CFO.


They can also manage time tracking more efficiently through the Job Manager application. By keeping track of hours logged, companies can also better estimate project costs and resource requirements. One time-saving functionality is that BM Byggeindustri can now automatically link purchase orders to invoices, making inventory management simpler and easier.


But the company did not stop there. They also integrated Power BI to generate reliable standard reports that gave them consistent insight into their data. Charlotte Bak emphasizes: "It allows us to create standard reports that always give us a reliable overview of our data, based on the same criteria every time."


According to Charlotte, they expect to gain more efficient processes and better data insights that will help them become more efficient and better able to adapt to changes in the market. She adds:


"Dynamics 365 Business Central and Cepheo's FMCI industry solution brings us closer to the financial data of our projects on a daily basis, giving us greater insight into hours worked in terms of our production costs." 

"The combination of Business Central and the FMCI industry solution allows us to better digitalize and streamline our production and project management."

Charlotte Bak

CFO, BM Byggeindustri

Cepheo were good listeners


When it comes to choosing a supplier, Cepheo was the natural choice for BM Byggeindustri. Cepheo's expertise and understanding of the company's needs were big pluses, but it was the close collaboration with Microsoft in particular that made Cepheo the ideal partner.


Charlotte Bak explains: "In line with our own processes, Cepheo was able to offer and propose a range of standardized and Microsoft-approved modules and applications that were simpler to implement and maintain, rather than solutions that had to be built from scratch. Cepheo showed a great understanding of our ERP system needs and the digitalization journey we need to embark on."


The collaboration with Cepheo was characterized by professionalism and a dedication to meeting BM Byggeindustri's requirements.


Charlotte Bak adds:


"It's been great. Cepheo was good at listening to our wishes and was able to set up the system the way we want it to match our needs and processes."


With the new solutions in place, BM Byggeindustri is ready to face the future with renewed strength. Their digital journey has only just begun and they are looking forward to exploring the many possibilities that Dynamics 365 Business Central and the FMCI industry solution have to offer.


As Charlotte puts it:


"We’ve opened up a wealth of possibilities with our new solution, and we can now adapt to new opportunities and requirements much more easily without having to implement a completely new system from scratch."


The next steps include integration with sales and improved inventory and production management. The ultimate goal is to create a more cohesive business and continue to leverage technology to their advantage. 

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