Lyse had an outdated SAP solution – a "burning platform" that needed to be phased out within a few years.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and a number of independent software vendors (ISVs).


Lyse’s new platform gives the company improved adaptability and scalability.

Lyse found itself in a situation where its SAP solution was set to be discontinued within a few years, a so-called "burning platform". It was apparent that the group needed to think outside the box and start looking for an alternative. This involved researching the market and considering different levels of architecture to see how the solution could be set up.


For Lyse, however, it wasn’t just about identifying the right platform for today’s demands. Both the group and the industry are evolving rapidly, so scalability was an important aspect in their search for a new platform and supplier. That’s why the choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Cepheo.


“We need a partner who understands us”


Lyse is a company that operates in many different business areas. In addition to its core energy business, Lyse has expanded its business portfolio to include telecommunications, technological solutions and infrastructure.


Randi Mjelstad is a Business Advisor at Lyse with functional responsibility for the introduction of Dynamics 365 within the organization. She emphasizes the importance of finding a partner who understands the industry Lyse operates in, explaining:


“Cepheo demonstrated industry knowledge, and we felt heard and understood when we presented our needs. They organized a demo of their industry-specific ISV solutions that met many of our needs. That’s why we chose Microsoft and thus Cepheo as our supplier.”


At the same time, she appreciates a partner who is open and honest in its feedback:


“It hasn’t always been plain sailing. We’ve had our ups and downs together, but we set great store by a partner who understands our needs and is willing to improve processes along the way.”

“SAP was a mastodont. Now we have the flexibility to choose the solutions that support our ever-changing business needs.”


Glenn Roger Hisdal
CIO, Lyse

Needs, process, function – in that order

The Microsoft platform is known for its functionality, but Lyse’s needs came first. Therefore, the first step was to build a foundation for the solution based on an industry standard that was adapted to Lyse’s actual needs.

This approach enabled the project to work with a Lyse process instead of a Microsoft process. Randi Mjelstad continues by describing the exciting journey during the design phase, with Cepheo’s methodology serving as a great tool:

“The process focused on how we were going to use the system, rather than on features and functions. Cepheo said no if they thought something deviated from the plan, and we also had a good dialogue around developing the solutions further. It was crucial for us that these needs were addressed in the further development of the ISV solutions.”

And the hard work invested in building a foundation for scalability and changing needs has already proved valuable for Lyse. The latest addition to the energy group is Lyse Tele, and Randi Mjelstad describes a seamless process to include them in the platform:

“We hardly looked at functionality, but focused on business processes that were built on the same foundation. The value of having done a good job where that is concerned is more than evident now.”


Composability is crucial for CIO


For Glenn Roger Hisdal, CIO at Lyse, it was important for the systems to be composable. This system design principle is concerned with the interrelationships of components, which makes it easy to adapt the solution to suit different business needs. You start with a core and choose the modules that support the core in the way that best drives the business forward.


“We started with Dynamics as a base, a lowest common denominator that we call ‘the Lyse Standard’, and then added a set of industry-specific modules on top, several of which come from Cepheo,” explains Glenn Roger Hisdal.


This makes it easy for Lyse to adapt new modules as its businesses evolve. The CIO cites acquisitions, mergers, demergers, compliance, regulations, policies and supplier challenges as useful application areas where focusing on composability comes into its own.


“SAP was a mastodont. Now we have the flexibility to choose the solutions that support our ever-changing business needs.”


A partner for the future


Ivar Berg, Head of Solutions Architect at Cepheo, describes an exciting project from the very beginning:


“Lyse is a truly exciting company to work with. They have a healthy platform mindset, both for today and the next few years. Who will be leading the way in five, ten and fifteen years?”


Ivar Berg believes that the combination of Cepheo’s methodology and Lyse’s ambition was crucial to the project’s success. The interplay between processes, from industry best practices and additional functionality, to an efficient cloud solution that enables secure upgrades and maintenance, provides a highly scalable and robust platform.


“Our goal is business value for our customers. We achieve this by having our consultants focus on specific industries, which makes us good advisors,” he says.


Randi Mjelstad is optimistic about the future and working with Cepheo, and concludes:


“Lyse is not the same today as it will be tomorrow or in a year’s time. We are a company and an industry undergoing major changes, so we need a system that is scalable enough to support future business models.”

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